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Welcome to TEAK International – Your singel source of high grade Myanmar Teak

TEAK International supplies teak wood raw materials to professional wood traders around the globe.

We are based in Myanmar and Thailand. Having local presence enables us to always select teak wood raw materials to fit our customers needs. With more than 40 years in business we have processes in place to provide professional quality control and global logistics services – On-site and from Start to Finish.

Teak raw material

We focus on the products that our customers in the distribution business all over the world needs. We specialize in finding the correct quality for the importers world wide seeking a partner in Myanmar. We offer financial, quality and distribution solutions that cannot be matched by anyone in the world.

We don’t sell furniture or finished products. We concentrate our efforts on what we know best – Teak raw material in its different forms.


100% Attention to detail

Teak is a precious and expensive material. That is why we give every order 100% attention to details. The starting point is selection of suitable producer. A factory with the means of securing the right raw material while conforming to the local laws of the country. This is a must with the rules governing import of wood material to many parts of the world. 

Our own trained inspectors have 15-30 years experience of selecting Teak. 


40+ years experience

Despite opening its doors to the world community Myanmar can still be a difficult place to do business in. Prepayments for orders are expected, documentation required is extensive and export regulations can change swiftly.

With our 40+ years experience we have systems in place to minimize these difficulties.


Local representation in Myanmar and Thailand

Our Professionals

We believe in knowing our suppliers and customers well. Being on site help us follow up your orders on a daily basis whether from Thailand or Myanmar.

Mr Thomas Karnsund

CEO Teak International

Director Karnsund Wood Link

Swedish national, residing in Bangkok Thailand & Yangon Myanmar

More than 30 years experience of Teak related products.

Mr Alexander Karnsund

Regional Manager, Myanmar

Swedish national, residing in Myanmar