Teak Wide boards

  •  Thickness: 1‐3”
  • Width: 6” & wider, average 8” or better
  • Length: 6’ & up, average 8’ or better

We deliver Teak wide boards in longer lengths on request. All of the above can be kiln dried in our facilities in Yangon or exported shipping dry.


We focus on the products that our customers in the distribution business all over the world needs. We specialize in finding the correct quality for the importers world wide seeking a partner in Myanmar. We offer financial, quality and distribution solutions that cannot be matched by anyone in the world.

We don’t sell furniture or finished products. We concentrate our efforts on what we know best – Teak raw material in its different forms.

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Bangkok Office

Telephone +66819318490

Myanmar Office

Telephone +95973140411

Email thomas@teakinternational.com