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On time and in conjunction with trading regulations

Despite opening its doors to the world community Myanmar can still be a difficult place to do business in. Prepayments for orders are expected, documentation required is extensive and export regulations can change swiftly.

With our 40 years + experience we have systems in place to minimize these difficulties, and we have:

  • Financial means to cover prepayments.
  • Bank connections in Asia to safeguard those payments reach their intended recipients.
  • Our own personnel making sure that all and every document for export to your country is correct.
  • Our own personnel in country, meeting suppliers and forestry officials on a daily basis. Always ready to inform you of the latest news from the Teak world.

We are well aware that for most of our customers our deliveries are vital for projects ranging from Super Yachts to palace flooring. Our goods must be delivered on time. Each inquiry is evaluated and quoted with a delivery time that is within reality. After an order is placed you can expect us to keep you continuously informed of any changes.
For those of you needing very urgent deliveries we have an extensive list of world wide connections with our products in stock.

Export Documents

Our own staff working together with our suppliers to ensure that all documents are correct and appropriate for the country of destination. This also includes due diligence forms when needed.

Overseas Shipping

Over 40 years of shipping Teak from Myanmar and Thailand has left us with a range of contacts for the most cost efficient shipping lines working out of Yangon and Bangkok.

Financial Transactions

Payments to Myanmar through western banks have been, and still are, troublesome. Slowly this is changing with the change of the political leadership and the growing of local banks.

Teak International has excellent connection with banks in the region that ensures timely payments.

In most cases the local suppliers will insist on prepayments. Normally this is around 50% of the contract value. Through our experience and longer term connections we make sure that only reliable and financially stable suppliers are used for your orders.