Quality Control

100% Attention to detail

Teak is a precious and expensive material. That is why we give every order 100% attention to details. The starting point is selection of suitable producer. A factory with the means of securing the right raw material while conforming to the local laws of the country. This is a must with the rules governing import of wood material to many parts of the world. Our own trained inspectors have 15-30 years experience of selecting Teak. They look at every peace of decking, every log, and every veneer bundle.

Actually every peace of Teak we buy is inspected by our own personal. They affix a stamp of approval which allows for easy tracking and feed back. Should anything go wrong and the mistake is ours, we are there to correct it.

We are on-site handling your selection

  • Wood Quality

    Teak is a natural material and thus the possibilities for selection and grading are endless. We base our grading in most cases on First European Quality, FEQ 100% quarter sawn and semi quarter sawn grade.

    Through many years of inspecting and grading Teak logs, lumber, decking and veneers we have learnt to listen to each of our customers. We want to understand each individual customers needs and wishes. We are here to make sure you get what you pay for regardless if it’s FEQ Scantlings or Super Decking. Working closely day to day in Myanmar and Thailand with our suppliers is the key to success.

  • Machining

    Weather it is S4S or a more complicated profile we are overseeing the machining process, making sure the correct tools and drawings are used and the resulting quality according to specifications

  • Moisture Content

    Many of our customers prefer us to arrange for the drying of their products here in Asia. We can often take advantage of our hot and sunny weather to air dry products to ensure a uniform color. As air humidity is high we recommend kiln drying for those of you needing moisture content of maximum 12% or lower in thicker dimensions.

  • Tolerances

    During final inspection we check that the lumber and/or decking is within the required tolerances stipulated by our contract.

  • Packaging & Loading

    We ensure that your goods are suitably packed for transportation in 20’ or 40’ container. We are always present when the container is loaded and taken to the port for customs clearance.  To make sure any claim of damaged goods is treated correctly we take pictures of the goods in the loaded container just prior to sealing.


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Myanmar Office

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